exclusive developments


In 1992 we launched the first version of Core and the needs of control and distribution of rights have evolved vertiginously. We have accompanied those changes.

We expanded the functionality of the System including in each version new features that facilitate the daily work in the repertory control.

Core is the backbone of all applications. From here the database is administered. The different modules feed on Core information to fulfill their tasks.

That is why it is the starting point and the center of all control. It is indispensable for the operation of the different modules since it maintains the updated information of the works, beneficiaries and contracts.

additional applications

We have developed applications (modules) that use the stored information by 'Core' to perform various tasks such as:

  • . onimax (ONI search - Unidentified Works)
  • . vistamax (SADAIC's statements file viewer)
  • . CWR import (importer of CWR files to Core)
  • . Master CS import (importer of Master Counterpoint files to Core)
  • . CWR export (generation of CWR v21 files)